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My English Blog Post Test Page

This is my English post test page. Due to the trouble in creating a new Nav Menu where a post will automatically being updated in the English Post tab, I’ve decided to move the English post into a stand alone English blog.

So far, I have been able to create a Nav Menu, and each Tab at least has a test page on it. The only problem is how to move them away from current location beside the Header Image and place them under the image area.

I have been able to insert video too. Here is the example for the video that is inserted directly from youtube. It’s about the Wisdom Healing Qigong retreat at the Chi Center in Lamy, New Mexico where my wife Winnie and I participated. You may see us toward the end of the video when we have a video together with other participants and Master Gu back in October, 2016. The image used is the screen shot was from a particular scene where my wife’s image can’t be seen as she is covered by the video button. She was sitting in a wheelchair and I stood behind her.

Now I have to figure out how to make the blog works correctly I’m waiting for the right time to move this English version to a new blog.

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